• Please do not use B-mag when going out, since sweat may make it come off


Q01.What are the characteristics of the B-mag compared to magnetic therapy devices already available?

・The magnetism from existing magnetic therapy devices can only reach 2 cm into the body, but B-mag can go 7 cm into the body, so it improves blood flow deep within the body.
・B-mag can be used indefinitely ? All you have to do is change the adhesive sticker.
・People with weak skin can affix B-mag to their clothing.


Q02.Does B-mag use electromagnetic waves?

It does not. It uses magnetostatic waves, which are considered harmless to humans.


Q03.How strong is the magnetism?

The strength ranges from 130MT (1300 gauss) to 180 MT (1800 gauss) and it is of similar strength to stick-on type magnetic therapy devices.
However, the magnetism of other stick-on type magnetic therapy devices only reaches 2cm into the body, while B-mag can reach up to 7cm into the body.


Q04.Why does the magnetism reach so far in?

When magnetism of the same polarity are joined together and compressed, it can be sent over a long distance. It is the same principle as when you squeeze a water hose tight and a powerful jet of water shoots out into the distance.


Q05.Why does magnetism improve blood flow?

The exact reason magnetism improves blood flow is unclear, but the results of tests on animals show that magnetism has the effect of stabilizing blood flow.
"Stabilizing" means that blood vessels that have constricted due to high blood pressure open up, or if they are open too much, they return to a normal state. In other words, a person with normal blood circulation will not experience much change from using B-mag.


Q06.Does B-mag affect magnetic cards, iPods, etc?

Do not place B-mag near things that may be affected by magnetism, such as magnetic cards, clocks, etc.


Q07.Where should I affix it?

Affix it directly to any place you feel pain or stiffness. Also, it is effective if you push it against painful spots or pressure points. For example, if you place one on the protrusion at the base of the neck, the blood circulation around your neck, head and shoulders will improve, and by just placing one at the arch of your foot, blood flow through your body will improve and afterward your body will feel light and fatigue will diminish. In all of these cases, these effects are often experienced after wearing B-mag for several hours. The effects are different for everyone, so please try it out for yourself.


Q08.How long should I wear it?

Remove it once the stiffness or fatigue is gone. The effects of the magnetism can be felt for some time after B-mag has been removed. However, once the body becomes accustomed to magnetism the effects are lessened, so using it occasionally, when you have stiffness or are very tired, is the best way to use it.


Q09.Are there any side effects?

Sometimes symptoms appear in areas in which poor blood circulation suddenly improved. It is thought that people with stiff shoulders and necks have poor circulation, so when they use B-mag, they sometimes experience headaches after their blood circulation improves. Should this happen, take a break from using B-mag and just use it a little at a time.


Q10.Is B-mag's safety guaranteed?

B-mag is a Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare approved Home Use Permanent Magnet Magnetic Therapy Device (Controlled Medical Device/License No. 219ACBZX00 009000). Joy Corporation is licensed to sell this Controlled Medical Device.


Q11.Please tell me about any contraindications.

Anyone using an implanted electrical medical device, such as a pacemaker or cerebrospinal fluid shunt should not use B-mag as it may cause these devices to malfunction. Also, people with heart disorders should not use B-mag. If your body experiences any abnormalities, discontinue use of this product immediately.


Q12.How can I purchase more adhesive stickers?

Joy Corporation sells packs of 180 for 3,780 yen (+tax ).